2009 Recording Technologies™  Educational Program Description

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Our programs are:

GM/UAW approved - Taught by experienced professionals for  over 25 years

Taught in the studio and  Taught "hands-on" 



The  Recording Technologies Program™ is designed for students with busy schedules.  Students enrolled in this program have the luxury of taking the classes one at a time.  Also, all classes can be taken in the evening, making it easier for students with day-time commitments to participate in the program.   

Recording Technologies One  (12 weeks) - "Fundamental Audio Production"

This is a comprehensive study of the history of recording, the recording chain, physics of sound, production techniques, studio acoustics, signal processing equipment, various applications of microphones and direct lines, the operation of tape recorders (both analog and digital), mixing consoles, editing, and class engineering of a recording session from start to finish. Each student will have the opportunity to mix the class project and receive a CD copy of the mixes.

Prerequisite:  Available to the public. Previous experience is not necessary

Textbook:      $50.95+tax (price is subject to change) 

Recording Technologies Two  (12 weeks) - "Intermediate Audio Production"

This is a hands-on program that enables students to apply their knowledge to more extensive use of multi-track recording.  The program includes lectures and labs on consoles, automation, signal processors and maintenance of studio equipment. Students are introduced to ProTools and hard disk, non-linear recording systems. Each student will mix the class project and receive a CD copy of the mixes.

Prerequisite:  Requires successful completion of Recording Technologies I

Recording Technologies Three  (12 weeks) - "ProTools / Hard Disk Production"

This program offers training in hard disk production specific to native ProTools, ProTools Mix 24/TDM systems and software. Studies include hard disk recording, computer automated mixing and digital editing.  In addition, students will learn proper computer setup, file management, maintenance and media storage. Each student will have the opportunity to do multiple mixes.

Prerequisite:  Requires successful completion of Recording Technologies II

Textbook:      $49.95 + tax (price is subject to change) 

Recording Technologies Four  (12 weeks) - "ProTools and MIDI"

MIDI is incorporated into ProTools with considerable attention given to audio samples, soft synths, sound modules, "plug-in" signal processing applications and special effects and mastering. Each student will have the opportunity to produce their own custom sounds on the class project and perform multiple mixes. All students work on several digital workstations to get familiar with various systems in use today.

Prerequisite: Requires successful completion of Recording Technologies III

Recording Technologies Five  (12 weeks) - "ProTools and Surround”

In this program the students will learn surround sound, production, audio for video, audio for multi-media and the internet. Analog and classic digital formats will be demonstrated and discussed. Students will also learn more advanced ProTools techniques. Analog and digital technologies are combined to teach students the advantages and relevance of each format. Each student will perform several mixes.

Prerequisite:  Requires successful completion or concurrent enrollment in Recording Technologies IV

Recording Technologies Six (12 weeks) - "Independent Study for Advanced Students"

This is a custom, independent study program that concentrates on the student's professional goals. We discuss each person's individual needs and help focus the student's direction toward a desired career path. Each student's syllabus is unique. This is an independent study program, so the lab time can be scheduled at each person's convenience. At the conclusion of this course, the student will receive assistance in the preparation of a resume and discography. Students will be awarded a certificate detailing the applicable training. The basic cost for this program is $1600, however, the cost may increase if the student chooses an extended program. As an upcoming professional audio engineer, graduates will be given the opportunity to receive special rates for projects that they bring to Select Sound Studios.

Prerequisites: Requires successful completion of Recording Technologies Five (ProTools and Analog)

Lab Time (Must be used during normal business hours M-Th 10-6, F 10-3) 

Each student receives two hours of lab time for each mix and two hours of lab time for additional hands-on training. A five-hour block of studio time is given to each student to start a new project or to use as lab time. The studio time is available to current students only. Students can purchase additional studio time at a discounted rate.

  All time must be used by the start of the following semester.

REGISTRATION FOR 2009                             

There are two ways to register for the Recording Technologies Program. You can register for the Vocational Training Program or register for courses one at a time. The Vocational Training Program cost is $4,575.00 plus textbooks (You save $500!). This program requires a non-refundable $400 deposit. Full payment is due by the registration date.  

The cost of each course is $695.00 plus applicable textbook.  Save $50.00 when your tuition is paid on or before the registration deadline.) The courses are twelve weeks (program length varies in the summer) approximately three to four hours per class, one class per week. To register you must submit a completed application with a $100.00 non-refundable deposit.


President and Founder: William A. Kothen
Program Coordinator: Peggy Kothen
Engineer/Instructor: PJ Lorenzo
Engineer/Instructor: Christopher Nagy
Associate Instructors:
Norman Wahl, David Kane, Dick Bauerle, Shaun Mullins and Joseph Puma

Guest Speakers: A variety of experienced audio and music professionals are invited to speak to the class on a regular basis.

This semester Paul Special, an audio engineer from New York City will be a guest speaker.


Select Sound is a 4,000 sq. ft. audio production facility located in Kenmore, (Buffalo) New York. Studio A was designed by Carl Yanchar of Lakeside Associates (Wave:Space, Inc.). This studio has large acoustic spaces including a live room, drum riser, vocal booth and a Yamaha C7 grand piano. Multiple analog and digital formats are available. Studio B is a ProTools / MIDI Suite with a full compliment of sound modules. Studio C is the digital editing suite used for classic format transfers and mastering. Studio D is the CD & cassette duplication/final product assembly room. The facility provides a professional, comfortable, and creative atmosphere.

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